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Ok ok hear me out....what ?? do y'all see this? Yes !!! It's giving LIFE ! Our 13x4 HD untraceable, melt down to the GODS, unit is to die for !Get into this beautiful unit of ours ! Now y'all know with bone straight hair it can literally fit any occasion and stop a room ! Not only is maintenance easy but its texture is extremely soft?This unit is one of our easily unit to mange while grabbing the attention of everyone, every where 

Length-26 inches


Texture- Bone Straight

Life-With proper care hair can last for 3-5 years

Colour- Natural

Hairline-Pre Plucked&Bleached

Straps-Adjustable for glue-less wear

Size-medium (22.5 inches)

Frontal- 13x4 

Lace-HD invisible